mahesh babu with akhil akkineniSuperstar Mahesh Babu seems to be the new target of young star actors debuting in Telugu cinema. The two soon to become stars are Varun Tej and Akhil and the title they are after is ‘Prince’ from Mahesh Babu.

We already know that Megastar Chiranjeevi has declared Varun Tej as ‘Mega Prince’ combining both the Mega and Prince titles. It has already lead to widespread debates and fight among the respective fan groups and even before this issue could be settled we have another hero Akhil staking a claim at ‘Prince’ title. Apparently the Akkineni fans feel that since Nagarjuna is ‘King’, Akhil is right person to inherit the title Prince.

Mahesh Babu when he debuted had already acted previously in many films as a child actor and it was only a small gap for him when he was re-introduced. So when that happened he was given the title based on his universally appealing looks and height as added advantage. The generation of stars after him couldn’t fit the bill as they were all short. With Varun and Akhil qualifying on both those counts and also Prince moving on to become Superstar, fans of the respective clans feel they could have it.

Which one of the two, do you guys think deserves the title of ‘Prince’ and could justify it in foreseeable future? Shoot us your opinions.