Touch Our RRR, Will Kill Your KGF 2!The big day is ever so close. RRR will be hitting theatres worldwide in under 48 hours from now. Incidentally, the Rajamouli directorial has now landed in a controversy of sorts in Karnataka.

Karnataka cinemagoers are now enraged with the fact that RRR’s Kannada version is not being released in a full-fledged manner. They argue that RRR’s Kannada version is releasing in just 2 theatres in all of Bengaluru and they are seeing this as a sign of disrespect to their language. Kannada cinema enthusiasts have even been trending the hashtag #BoycottRRRinKarnataka.

In response, RRR’s fans and followers are issuing a potent and strong warning to Kannada fans. “Stop blaming RRR unit for what is happening. Blame your distributor. If you dare take a swing at RRR, keep in mind that KGF 2’s release is not too far from now. If you intentionally spread negativity on RRR, we can do double the damage for KGF 2. Remember that the Telugu market is as crucial as the Kannada market for KGF 2.”

Team RRR is of the opinion that “Kannada people have been watching straight Telugu films for many decades now. From our end, we have delivered RRR’s Kannada version to the distributors. NTR and Ram Charan even dubbed in Kannada. Our responsibility ends here.”