Trivikram SrinivasStar director Trivikram doesn’t maintain social media presence. But that doesn’t mean he is free from the customary Telugu cinema followers high drama. Of late, Mahesh’s fans have been tormenting him on social media with regard to the rumors about SSMB28.

Now, Bandla Ganesh has started a social media torture on ‘Guruji’ Trivikram’s name.

Earlier today, Bandla tweeted “ Ambika Darbar Batti is the connection between the devotee and the Lord. But in my case, Guruji is the separating factor between me and my god.”

Well, Bandla refers to Pawan Kalyan as his god and we all know that Trivikram is fondly referred to as Guruji. Using this, we can understand that Bandla is implying Trivikram is the one separating him and Pawan.

The other day, Bandla tweeted that all one needs to do is give a costly gift to Trivikram if they want to become producers. Now, he’s back at it again with his Guruji gola.

Well, Trivikram is occupied with the much hyped SSMB28 glimpse that is to come out on 31 May in a grand manner. He shouldn’t have much time for this social media blabbering from Bandla.