imran-khan Imara's footprints tattooedPeople all over love their kids and come up with unique ways to show it. Well stars too are no different in showing love for their kids. So here we have a Bollywood star whose gesture seems to have melted the hearts of fans with its awesomeness.

The star here is Imran Khan who had become dad last year. The star has recently gone to Goa and tattooed the footprints of his daughter Imara on his chest. The star has two permanent tattoos on his body, one on the neck and other on his arm. This is the third one which is to show his everlasting love and one that also captures the first move of the baby.

The idea for this tattoo had apparently come from the wife of the actor. She had the footprints of Imran Khan framed as a memory which the actor really liked. It’s this foot print frame that got the actor the idea for the tattoo. Isn’t this really cute?