Last decade had seen significant change in Telugu movie trade, the Top hero movies which used to release in just 400-450 theaters then are now releasing in 1000+ theaters. Movie budgets have gone up from 20Crores to 35-40 crores. Movies like Magadheera and Dookudu are grossing as many as 100 Crores. And heros like Pawan, NTR, Mahesh are taking more or less 8 Crores as remuneration. But the success rate of the movies had remained the same. Not even 20 of the total 200 movies made in an year are tasting success.

Hits for stars are increasing the remunerations and budgets but the flops are not helping the cost reduction. Hence Producers are urging directors to go for the scripts with mass elements so as to attract the fans and masses and collect as much as possible in the first week. We may even not see a family entertainer from our Top stars in future