Most of our stars in Telugu cinema have the habit of working nonstop with little breaks. There are two stars that are exception to this rigorous working habit though. They are Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and Superstar Mahesh Babu. Both are notorious among the fans for taking long breaks between their films which can already be witnessed with Pawan Kalyan. It looks like now fans of Superstar are going to go through this phase.

There are strong rumours doing the rounds in the industry that after the release of his latest film Aagadu, Mahesh Babu would be taking a break and go to a long vacation with family. It could last more than a couple of month is what one hears. Keeping that in the mind and also the fact that his movies take long time in production and making stages, we could be looking at a scenario where there could be no films for over a year after the release of Aagadu. To know the exact truth and have more clarity on Superstar’s future plans we have to wait till the end of month.