producers jayanna and bhogendraJayanna and Bhogendra pair is currently the hottest producers in Kannada films. They have an experience of 15 years in distributions and have now seen one of longest streaks of success. So what is the secret of their success and how does Son of Satyamurthy gets featured in it?

The producer duo say that sustained and constant passion to make movies and study market has led to the position that they are in today where other distributors and exhibitors trust them. Also perfect budgeting of the film and knowing one’s market too has helped them, they and bring in the example of Bunny’s SOS.

What’s the point of making a 60 Cr film like SOS and have a meager 3 Cr profit over it? There are movies with 10 Cr budget that bring twice as much as profit, so which is better and profitable position, they say. That is the reason they are so successful when compared with their counterparts in Telugu and Tamil is the overall opinion they share. Isn’t this true looking at the fate of recent biggies in Telugu?