Buttering is everywhere. Whether it is Bollywood or Tollywood or even Kollywood, cine celebrities keep buttering one another to be in good books. No one has to take this as an issue as long as this buttering doesn’t go overboard. Samanta, the top heroine of Tollywood isn’t an exception for this. Time and again we see Sammy buttering her heroes and directors. With this art and her self proclaimed talent, she reached stardom in Tollywood. Despite this, Samanta keeps attacking Tollywood heroes and directors once in a while.

According to a popular channel, of late Samanta gave an interview to a Tamil news channel. In the interview as per the sources, Sammy went harsh on Tollywood film Industry accusing that there is only hero worship in Tollywood and heroines get less respect comparatively. According to her opinion, even Rajamouli falls under the category who falls for buttering. May be she has low opinion on Tollywood film industry. But why is she doing the same in Kollywood even, of late buttering Surya and Linguswamy? Samanta seems to be maintaining double standards!