anushka size zero movieAnushka has been known for her constant weight fluctuations. We have seen her on both the heavier and lighter side of the scale, a factor which led her to face constant criticism. Nonetheless this time around, critics will have no say about her looks as she is putting on weight for her role in upcoming film ‘Size Zero’, a directorial of Prakash Kovelamudi.

Nearly a month after making an appearance at the film’s Telugu launch in Hyderabad, the actress was again spotted on Friday at the film’s Tamil muhurat in Chennai, where she certainly seemed a tad chubbier than her earlier outing.“She has hired a fitness expert to monitor the weight gain.

She is ensuring that the process doesn’t take a toll on her health. “She is being very careful and not leaving anything to others. She is being involved in the whole process and eating right. She doesn’t want to put on unhealthy weight,” he shared.Anushka will be seen playing an obese girl in the film that also stars Arya in the lead. The story is said to focus on the fact that love and size are not related whatsoever. “The advantages and disadvantages of obesity are highlighted in such a way that audiences will realise that being happy is more important than size zero,” said the makers about the film.Well, weight loss or gain, Anushka is one actress whose performance is one thing many always look forward to.