sonakshi-sinhaSome things seem very ordinary or normal when they are conceived and when we know about them initially. But the same things sometimes get blown out of proportions and create a lot of sensation and hungama. The latest is the example of All India Bakchod roast (AIB Roast), the show which was an instant hit giving instant craze to the participants.

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But it later became like a never-ending headache to all the participants and conceivers of the programme. Many institutions, some groups and self-declared moral policing people started attacking the show for the shocking vulgarity using cuss words even bringing the references of one’s mother. And the controversy went to such level that cases were filed on the show for spreading vulgarity making the culture of our country a laughing stock (according to the allegations).

The latest, all the top heroes and heroines who participated in the show were enlisted in the case filed against the show. Besides Karan Johar (host), Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh; heroines like Deepika Padukune, Alia Bhatt who were part of the show to encourage the participants were also booked under the case.

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Surprisingly Sonakshi Sinha’s name wasn’t included in the list though she was very much part of the show and was found enjoying the vulgar insults thrown throughout the programme. Now cute heroine Alia Bhatt’s father Mahesh Bhatt, a popular senior director is questioning why Sonakshi is given exemption from the accused list. He is making allegations that Sona got exemption because she happens to be the daughter of BJP MP Shatrugun Sinha (a senior hero himself) and Mr.Bhatt is demanding an explanation for the same.