Film Industry is one of its kind in which success matters the most than talent. Ofcourse in the long run, talent pays off in leaps and bounds. Jr.NTR is one such actor who can be said both lucky and talented. Lucky because of his family lineage and talented coz he proved his mettle at performance. His latest movie ‘Rabhasa’ is ready for release. As a sentiment, top director V.V.Vinayak has given his voice over to the movie. Vinayak always has regard for both NTR and producer Bellamkonda Suresh. That is the reason why Vinayak had readily agreed to give voice over for NTR’s movie.

But is that the only reason why Vinayak lent his voice for the voice over? In the audio launch event of ‘Rabhasa’, when the situation turned very emotional and sentimental; it was Vinayak who took the advantage of the situation and interacted with NTR’s fans in a manner to please them. In that excitement and flow Vinayak promised that he is going to do ‘Adhurs 2’ with the actor very soon. But NTR didn’t confirm it anytime later. Going by these latest developments, isn’t it clear that the the top director is sending feelers to NTR exhibiting his interest to work with the actor very soon?