Top Director Hari Feels Sorry For Making Blockbuster Cop MoviesDays after the social media storm over the custodial deaths of father and son, Jayaraj and Bennix, duo to police brutality and violence, director Hari has come up with an open letter condemning it. Hari is one of the directors who hit stardom with his police flicks.

The year 2003 saw Hari come up with the trendsetting cop action-drama Saamy. The Vikram starrer was an instant blockbuster and rose the stardom of the actor to a new level.

A few years later, Hari came up with another cop entertainer that became a trendsetter again. It is the immensely popular Singham series featuring Suriya. The movie got remade in multiple languages and also led to the development of franchises. After a decade and a half, Hari revived Saamy with a sequel, Saamy Square.

Throughout these five films, he glorified police violence and brutality as heroism with punch dialogues to boost. Today, Hari says that he regrets making them due to the Sathankulam incident. No person from Tamil Nadu should be subjected to such cruel happening in future says the director.

The Sathankulam issue has got national attention what with many celebrities and people across the country expressing their anguish and rage over the police brutality.The latest update regarding the case is that the Inspector in charge, Sridhar has been suspended.