Comparitively Tollywood never had full erotic content films like in Hindi Film Industry and Malayalam Film Industry. Whenever Telugu audiences had the chance to watch eroticas, it had been mostly the dubbed versions of Hindi and Malayalam movies like Shakeela’s Malayalam films dubbed into Telugu. When one top director who is famous for his out of box ideas decided to do an erotica, then Tollywood thought that it would get a direct erotica. And here is someone in Tollywood who had the guts to do an erotica which is considered cheap for a top director.

Yes, we are talking about Ram Gopal Varma’s erotica ‘XES’. RGV announced that since he had tried different genres till now, now his heart is on doing an erotica. But according to the latest update he has dropped the idea of doing the film in Telugu. That doesn’t mean that he has totally dropped making ‘XES’. The film will not be a bilingual and will be made only in Hindi. If RGV had tried an erotica in Telugu, then it would have been a path breaking film in TFI as no top director even dares to spoil his image making an erotica in Telugu.