rgv-charmee-picOne of the most catchy dialogues from ‘Jyothilakshmi’ movie is ‘You don’t need to understand woman. It’s enough if you give respect’ (Meeru Aadadaanni artham chesukovalsina avasaram ledu. Respect isthe chaalu). RGV says that he respects Charmee for many things including super efficiency in handling production.

Why did RGV suddenly want to reveal his respect to Charmee? There had been a story doing rounds in media on Wednesday that RGV warned Puri for allowing Charmee interfere into production matters of his films. The story further went on say that RGV adviced Puri to limit his friendship and keep her out of business.

RGV clarified on twitter that he didn’t advice Puri on Charmee’s connection and branded the gossip mongers as ‘workless dumbos’ and calls them jokers who don’t check before writing. RGV had been very supportive to Puri since long and seems Charmee is added to the list of his best buddies. Don’t you agree?