rajpal yadav in kick2 movieRajpal Yadav is without any doubt a top comedian in Bollywood cinema. Although he is not as busy as before, still he is first choice for many film makers when they opt for comedy roles. As we all know by now this star comedian is making his Telugu film debut with Kick.

Speaking about his Tollywood debut the comedian says that language is no barrier for him and that the emotions are universal and anyone from any place could connect to them, if done right. The actor says he is learning Telugu as well and adds that he is very lucky to be part of the industry, especially be part of the crew of the film Kick 2. He praised the industry and its people and said that they give very good respect to the artists and treat everyone equally.

Director Surender Reddy in his previous film Race Gurram introduced Ravi Kishan to Telugu audience and the casting proved to be a good success, will Rajpal Yadav have similar fate with Kick 2?