anchor-sumaSuma is undisputedly the top anchor on television and the most sought after host for many mega film events. Her spontaneity while speaking is the main reason behind her success. She doesn’t totally depend on the written script for any programme and makes her improvisions that add colour to her compering.

On Saturday, Suma hosted ‘All The Best to Akhil’ event and as usual she was her best while introducing the who and who of Akhil’s film. Speaking about Akhil and Sayesha combination, Suma observed that Nithin is really lucky to have these two newcomers on board for his production venture because he can minimise his budget.

How? Suma pointed out that for Akhil’s colour and skin tone , there is no need of expensive make up, actually no make up at all. And coming to Sayesha, the classic beauty is so slim and maintaining her figure that Nithin needn’t spend money on her food. It means Akhil will incur no make up costs and Sayesha no food expenses on the producer. Well, that’s called intelligent compering. Hats off Suma!