Tollywood-top-logo-designsMovie logos is generally something that we overlook so often in the final scheme of things but the irony here is that people wait for it and analyze it with as much glee as watching a movie when its first revealed. So here look at ten such logos which op on its release managed to create or raise expectations on the movie itself.

balupu10. Balupu:
Balupu has a typical logo that gave a fine positive impression on the film. With a confident Ravi Teja full of attitude in the logo itself it set the tone for what was about to follow. No classy airs with a promise of out and out mass entertainer was the impression created and when it lived up to the expectations set, it became the biggest success in the career of Ravi Teja that was most awaited at the point.

Iddarammayilatho-9. Iddarammayilatho:
A Puri Jagannadh film should easily find a place among the top 10 logos in any given year usually as they are indeed attractive. That Iddarammayilatho finds a place at the 9th position might be an indication at how the mighty has fallen.

RV8. Ramayya Vastavayya:
More than the logo it’s the title itself that immediately registered among the fans and the general audience. It had a pleasant vibe to it much like the production house’s multi-starrer film. This coupled with the words of the director about the film and Jr NTR, the actor’s fresh looks and never before seen acting gave a complete different picture of the film in audience mind that what it actually was. May be the logo with its regular design was a hint to the audience about the film’s content. Next time fans should check out the logo when such words are uttered by any director working with Jr NTR.

SwamiRaRa7. Swamy Ra Ra:
Among the small films, the logo of Swami Ra Ra has to be the unanimous winner. Its colorful design not only gives a positive vibe immediately but also sends a signal to the average Joe who looks only at the big films. It registers universally and that is a big plus for a small film which generally has to try very hard to grab the attention of a commoner.

prabhas_mirchi6. Mirchi:
The logo of Mirchi like the title itself is very crispy and dynamic. There is nothing unique or speciality here that gives us a hint into the film’s theme via the logo but it’s simply a well designed logo that creates a positive feeling about the film the moment you look at it.

Baadshah-Logo5. Baadshah:
The diamond studded first look of Baadshah was a pleasant departure in terms of logos for a Jr NTR film which almost all the time gave impression of a tough mass film. Here from the logo itself it all looked too classy for a Jr NTR film and it went well with a segment of audience which also lapped up the film that generally stayed away from his films sensing a complete mass film not of their liking.

yevadu4. Yevadu:
At number four is Yevadu starring Ram Charan. The first look poster of the film released earlier in the year with a new logo instantly upped the buzz on the film which already had a great buzz about it. This is another logo that goes well with the theme of the film by creating an element of suspense through the first look itself. The logo which contained a half face formed of granule like structure also hinted at the storyline of the film to in a subtle way. Good job done by the team.

SVSC3. Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu:
One look at the title logo and it immediately gave the impression of a classic family entertainer. The shiny gold font with a dream like haze gave that pleasant vibe that has been missing in a Telugu film from ages prompting the families to make Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, a must watch movie event whenever it released. The first teaser with cool visuals and soothing music just reaffirmed the impression created by logo and set the right expectations on the film.

AD2. Atharintiki Daredi:
The penultimate number goes to the biggest hit of the year and the new Industry Hit of Telugu cinema, Atharintiki Daredi. The film and its title were in news for a large part of first half of the year. Various titled were doing the rounds then and when this was first announced, many couldn’t believe what they heard. Finally when the logo was revealed it settled the nerves and later with the trailer the team made everyone feel this is the best title and logo couldn’t have been better designed.

Mahesh-okkadine1. 1 Nenokkadine:
The ultimate and the best undoubtedly was 1 Nenokkadine upcoming film of Superstar Mahesh Babu. There was a never seen before excitement when the logo o f the film was released earlier in the year which almost eclipsed the release of a big film the next day. It set the tone and expectations on the film to be number 1.

What do you think of our top 10 choices, are there any logos that grabbed your attention more than these mentioned. Whatever it is share us your thoughts?