RRR Award ControversyThe Oscars are set to be held on the 12th of this month and the anticipation couldn’t have been higher. Especially so, given that RRR is in contention for the same and this is the first time a Telugu film has come this far.

While the Oscars are hours from now, there’s a senseless talk going on about the same in the Telugu space.

First, Tollywood senior Bharadwaj said RRR team spent Rs 80 crores on Oscars campaign and one could’ve made 10 small films with that budget. This led to a huge uproar on social media and also from several Tollywood personalities.

Nagababu said “Nee Yamma Mogudu cheppada 80 crores ayyindi ani”. He said this would YCP’s tone of response to Bharadwaj’s comment.

Bharadwaj then went on to clarify that he acknowledges RRR’s never before journey and he stated RRR put Telugu cinema on global map and he couldn’t have been more excited about the same. This was a cover up story.

While Oscars is hours from now, this senseless comments and counters from the local Telugu folk is aa pointless as it can get. The film is attaining global recognition while these people are indulging in a pointless talk that serves no purpose.