Too Many People Want Me to Fail - Director Krish (2)Somehow, Krish got himself into a big mess with his Bollywood prestigious biopic ‘Manikarnika’ when he chose to walk out of the project, midway. That created quite a controversy and Krish was portrayed in bad blood by Kangana and her sister.

Added to this, he missed the great opportunity in the form of the legendary NTR’s biopic by delivering two duds (two parts of the biopic), back-to-back. What next for him?

Krish says that he is working on various scripts and is yet to decide which one to go forward with. He knows that too many people want him to fail, at this juncture.

There has been a popular opinion that Krish was overrated who bagged envious offers from big directors but failed to deliver. He knows that he needs to be careful about his next project as people are waiting to watch him make a wrong move.

As of now, nothing is official about Krish’s next and the director clarified that others were just trying to speculate, blindly in the dark. Well, let’s wait for his next announcement when he actually decides.