Too Egoistic Not To Do Mahesh Babu's Bhajana?It is common tradition in Tollywood to invited other heroes for film promotional functions. For example, Allu Arjun attended Akhanda event, and Pawan Kalyan attended Ante Sundaraniki event. Naturally, the film unit speaks highly of the chief guest.

Coming to the point, senior Telugu producer Tammareddy Bharadwaj made an interesting comment on team Major and Mahesh Babu.

“Mahesh Babu attended your Major promotional event. Why didn’t you praise your chief guest to the sky (Mahesh) to the sky like other film units have been doing with their chief guests? Are you so very egoistic not to Mahesh’s Bhajana? Are you so very arrogant?” Bharadwaj asked Adivi Sesh and Major director Sashi Kiran.

Sesh then replies that Mahesh is not the chief guest but an integral part of the film itself as he produced it.

Now, netizens are linking the conversation in this interview with the Ante Sundaraniki event where Nani supposedly overtly praised Pawan Kalyan.