Tollywood Coronavirus Lockdown TelanganaTelangana government has announced the closure of all the educational institutions in the State with effect immediately leaving the Telugu Film Industry in a big dilemma. Usually, the closure of schools and colleges on one hand means families have the advantage to go to the theatres along with their children.

However, on the other hand, the closing of the educational institutions also might mean there might be a foreseen lockdown coming up due to the increase in the number of corona cases all over the country. There are several movies, especially big movies that have announced their release date in the coming days.

If the present gesture is towards another lockdown, then, it would be another testing period for the Telugu Film Industry. With millions riding the risk in the film business, the present move of the Telangana government may give rise to certain questions.

The entire Telugu Film Industry is rooted in Hyderabad vis-a-vis Telangana and another lockdown in Telangana means another big nightmare for the Tollywood folks. What do you think, folks?