Tollywood-US-Box-Office-That-Was-the-Last-Hit,-3-potential-Films-WaitingLover‘, ‘W/O Ram’ and ‘Aatagadhara Siva’ came to theatres this Friday and has disappointed the US box-office big time, collecting $17K, $12K and $2K respectively. Not only these small films, even the recent releases like ‘Tej I Love You’ and ‘Vijetha’ that came last week with the same disappointing result.

In the midst, there is ‘Rx100’ that turned a surprise blockbuster in the domestic market but a flop in the US market. It’s very clear that it’s the season of small films, releasing one after the other till a biggie arrives for the next festival season. However, most of them bombed big time not even recovering the VPF and promotional expenses.

After the above-mentioned small budget films, the coming movies are medium to high budget movies with names to reckon with. The last hit at the US box-office was ‘Mahanati’. There are three potential movies ready for release. Nithin’s ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’, Vijay Deverakonda’s ‘Geetha Govindam’ and ‘Goodachari’ are coming with positive vibes. Let’s see how they will perform at the box-office.

Tollywood US Box Office
S# Movie Collections
1 Lover $17K
2 Aatagadharaa Siva $1,649
3 W/O Ram $12 K
4 Vijetha $47 K
5 RX 100 $130 K
6 Tej I Love You $72 K
7 Pantham $72 K
8 Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi $521 K
9 Jamba Lakidi Pamba 5K
10 Sammohanam $517 K
11 Naa Nuvva $95 K
12 Raju Gadu $35 K
13 Officer $63 K
14 Ammammagarillu $86 K
15 Nela Ticket $76 K
16 Mehbooba $93 K
17 Mahanati $ 2.58 Million