U.S. Premiers Tonight: Only One Choice!Tollywood box office will see a total of three new Telugu outings tomorrow and they are Dongalunnaru Jagratha, Krishna Vrinda Vihari, and Alluri. But there is no direct clash between these three films as they belong to completely contrasting genres.

Incidentally, the makers of Sree Visnu’s Alluri have decided not to orchestrate USA premieres for the film. It will not have Thursday premiere shows in the USA, like the way mid-range films have been doing for years.

On the other hand, Dongalunnaru Jagrath is going for very limited premiere shows. There are no full-fledged USA premieres for this supposed survival thriller which is promoted as a first of its kind attempt in Telugu cinema.

So, the only option for the Telugu USA crowd is Krishna Vrinda Vihari. The film is billed to be a light hearted comedy entertainer. It is essentially a simple feel good film. So, the early talk will be the key for the film to have a good run in the USA.

All of last weekend’s releases turned out to be disasters so there is not much competition for the Naga Shaurya starrer. Can any of the three new releases have a fruitful run at the USA box office? We will know soon.