Dhamaka 18 Pages US PremieresThe Tollywood box office in USA will wave goodbye to 2022 with the arrival of two of Tollywood’s last notable releases of the year – Dhamaka and 18 Pages. Both these films are set for USA premieres in a few hours from now.

Dhamaka is billed to be an action entertainer and the director Trinadha Rao has promised a rounded treat to Ravi Teja’s fans. Going by the trailer, the film showcases Ravi Teja in an energetic manner, something that everyone eagerly awaits.

Dhamaka has young sensation Sree Leela in the leading lady role and it also has a few good songs, including the hit Jinthaak. Trinadha Rao has the mark of a routine filmmaker but he has the knack of rolling out decent entertainers. Can Ravi Teja make a come back with this film?

As for 18 Pages, Nikhil is riding high on the blockbuster success of Karthikeya 2 so there’s naturally some anticipation on this film. Nikhil has been selective about his scripts of late and that could help this film, given it comes with the right content.

The Christmas holidays season will certainly help both these films but the ultimate deciding factor here is obviously is the content. With the USA premieres just hours from now, we have to see how Tollywood will end 2023 with these two films.