U.S. BO: Thank You Has This AdvantageNaga Chaitanya‘s Thank You is set for theatrical release on the 22nd of this month. This film now has one telling advantage that other recent mainstream Telugu releases like Ante Sundaraniki and F3 didn’t have. Here’s a look into the same.

In the case of Ante Sundarainiki and F3, these films faced theater allotment issues as they clashed with Jurassic World Dominion and Top Gun: Maverick respectively. All the big capacity screens were allotted to these Hollywood biggies.

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But in the case of Thank You, the film is facing no competition from any Hollywood biggies. It has access to the prime time shows and big capacity theater screens. The Vikram Kumar factor and the USA audience friendly content could help the film.

It is true that the pre-release hype for Thank You is not on excellent level. But a very good word of mouth, paired with optimal release conditions could do a world of good to the Naga Chaitanya starrer. It can make it big at the box office with these favorable conditions, given the reviews and word of mouth is on desired level.

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Sundaraniki and F3 had to settle to small theaters and thus the underperformance at USA box office. The former made a shade over $1 million and the latter made around $1.2 million but the number would have been considerably higher had they gotten big capacity theaters. Thank You doesn’t have this problem.