U.S. BO Status Of Bimbisara & Sita RamamTollywood saw two new releases last weekend, Bimbisara and Sita Ramam. Both the films have opened on a very promising note at the box office.

Coming to the USA box office status of Sita Ramam and Bimbisara, both these films are doing pretty well.

Bimbisara has collected a total of $372K till now with $33K revenue reported on Monday. It has entered the profits zone already and is reaping profits to the buyers. The film had a limited release and it was sold for low prices so it is yielding profits to those imvo

Sita Ramam has collected a total of $669K till now. The film is holding up pretty well as it collected $71K revenue on Monday.

Sita Ramam’s beeakeven mark is locked at $750K and the film is really close to attaining the same. It is certain to reap profits to those involved.

With Tuesday offers today, both films are expected to fare well at the box office. After a gloomy two months, the Telugu USA market has opened up on a promising note.