Suresh Babu -DaggubatiKerala Government is the first State Government to have allowed film shooting to commence indoor with a maximum of 60- member crew with necessary safety regulations. But then, after more than a week, no team has commenced any shoot till day so as not to take any risk.

Sources say that Tollywood producers are also thinking on the same lines. After news about allowing shootings from the first week of June, there is no update until now. Even if the Governments allow, it is not clear if the producers are ready to take the risk.

Suresh Babu in an interview mentioned that there is no hurry to open the theaters since the producers are not ready to release their films in this ambiguous situation. “Opening the theaters four months after the shootings begin is the best-case scenario,” he said.

In case, the makers are not ready to shoot immediately and if the theaters open only four months after the shootings begin, there are good chances that the industry may have to give the rest of 2020 a miss. Such a scenario will be a disaster to the industry and those depending on it.

Update: Telangana government has permitted the shootings. We will have to see if the filmmakers will start shooting.