Yollywood telugu short filmsBollywood for Hindi films, Tollywood for Telugufilms, Kollywood for tamil films and many similar woods represent different film industry in India. Do you know that there is a parallel film industry emerging which doesn’t belong or restrict itself to one particular region? And that is Yollywood.

Many aspiring film makers and actors aren’t keen to enter films directly. They want to create a successful platform releasing short films on YouTube and after garnering good recognition and publicity, they want to try the big thing, i.e., film industry. Do you know that a latest short film titled ‘Edhedho Bagundhe’ recorded 5 lakh views, which is like a super duper hit by any standards.

We all know the popularity of ‘Viva’ Harsha who came to limelight with his short film ‘The Viva’ which garnered huge hype for the actor. The short film makers are aiming at good scripts and good camera work, supported by good performances. Many of these people want to make a mark in Tollywood but are unhappy the way meaningless films are coming in the name of entertainment. Yollywood is certainly a worthy platform for them to hone their talents.