KGF- Chapter -2KGF 2 is releasing in theaters worldwide on the 14th of April. The advance bookings for the film in certain mass pockets across Northern India, Chennai, and Kerala started off on a very encouraging note. Now, here’s why Tollywood stars will be praying for KGF 2’s success.

Soon after the release of KGF, Tollywood stars like Prabhas, Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, and others got in touch with Prashanth for potential collaboration. Notably, Prabhas and Jr NTR even announced collaboration with the KGF director and the former is working on Salaar now.

Now, all the focus is on KGF 2. Tollywood stars see Prashanth as a capable pan-India filmmaker. All he needs to do now is score a hit with KGF 2 to have all the Tollywood stars line up for him. It is evident that our stars see a collaboration with Prashanth as a golden opportunity to churn out a mass film that can make it big in the pan-India circuit.

But as we had reported earlier, in case KGF 2 fails, so many equations will change and not a lot of stars will be as interested in a collaboration with Prashanth then.

But given that Tollywood stars are so very confident in Prashanth, KGF 2’s success will add to their morale. As things stand, our heroes will be praying for KGF 2’s success as they are far too invested and can’t take the film’s flop.