Tollywood-Star-HeroHe is a Superstar who used to be agile initially in his career. His movements got slowed down drastically in many years. He also became lazy and is doing films in his comfort zone.

A director approached him with an ambitious project. Many in the industry warned the director of the Superstar’s laziness as the movie has three big action sequences.

But the director would not listen. The movie went on floors and is going on endlessly.

In an important action sequence shoot, a couple of months ago, the actor was asked to jump from a stool of four-feet height. Enough measures were taking for safe-landing.

But the Superstar refused to jump. While the director insisted and tried to convince, the star called it ‘Packup’ for the day.

After many negotiations back and forth, it was decided that the star would jump from an one-feet stool and it would be adjusted in CG.

Taking care of the producer’s agony, the director is now redesigning all the fights making it easy-peasy for the actor.