Tollywood heroine and heroThis Star Hero and this almost forgotten actress last acted together six years ago. The actress despite having good looks always struggled in her career. The biggest achievement of the actress is somehow impressing this hero.

We do not know how they got along but they have become so close. His farmhouse in the outskirts of Hyderabad became her permanent residence. This star invites everyone to the farmhouse even for script discussions and business deals.

The condition for those coming is they should act as blind when she is around. They should not question why she is there and should not speak about her when they leave the place.

But then, everyone wonders why the star is resorting to such vulgar acts when he has a beautiful family back home. Meanwhile, the actor is too intelligent. He uses her but never gives her further chances as she is too small for his ambitions.

So, the actress is still a second heroine material even though she has a big star address.