Tollywood TwitterThe new feature of spaces introduced by Twitter a few days ago is a rage among Tollywood fans initially. In the initial days, people used to spend time until the wee hours of every day sending several hours on spaces. Celebrities coming on spaces is also the mojo for fans.

But then, fans are slowly losing the love. Spaces have become one side affair for celebrities. They keep on talking among themselves like how they do in TV interviews leaving no scope for the fans to participate. It happened recently with spaces about EVV and Sammohanam film last night.

“If that is the case, we will very soon people not showing inclination in joining the spaces. People have already started doing that. Celebs should find a way to interact with fans, know their opinions, take their questions,” says a person who used to be a spaces addict earlier.

Like spaces, there is a new social media platform altogether called Clubhouse which is also becoming a rage with social media users. Even Clubhouse can also take the sheen out of spaces.