Tollywood Should Not Repeat Vakeel Saab Mistake It looks like Telugu film industry is looking at yet another closure thanks to the third wave. It may be a matter of time before the theaters are completely closed. Meanwhile, the next hearing of Ticket Rates issue will come up in High Court on February 11th.

If the theater closure happens for reasonable amount of time, it is important for the industry biggies to bring a closure to this issue by the time, biggies will release. Previously when the issue first cropped at the time of Vakeel Saab release, industry ignored the issue during the Lockdown period.

That had emerged as a big mistake. They should let go of the ‘let’s cross the bridge when you come to it’ attitude and prepare for the reopening. This closure time should be used to fight the legal battles and negotiations with the Government.

The industry had already lost enough time due to the pandemic and tackling this issue. Backlog films are piling up. The issue should be resolved by the time it is right for the biggies to release.