Tollywood-Comedian-ProducerProducers these days are only confined to getting the dates of heroes and later maintaining accounts. As a result, respect for them is only decreasing.

Getting finance is very easy for a producer if he gets the dates of a reasonable hero. If he gets the dates of a star, he can make a movie even without a penny.

We are talking about a producer who is in a struggling phase. The producer is getting restless and wants to set a project somehow.

Producers these days when approaching a hero take gifts for the actor and his family. 
There are instances where they buy luxury watches and costly wine bottles for the heroes and jewelry for their wives.

There are producers who even take gifts to the children of the stars.

This producer went a step ahead. He approached a hero who charges around 12-15 Crore per film for his dates. The hero recently purchased a German-breed dog.

The producer took with him two months of Pedigree supply to the dog along with the gifts to the hero.

The producer’s buttering became the talk of the Tollywood but even then, the hero did not promise anything.