Dil_Raju_Producer_Council_Election_2023Dil Raju had to face a torrid time at the start of the year. He suffered severe criticism over releasing his bilingual Vaarasudu against Tollywood biggies, Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy. When questions about his credibility arose, he postponed his movie Vaarasudu for a few days.

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Dil Raju also faced rough weather when he went against the Producers’ council last year and called for strikes. Producers’ council said that such strikes will do more harm than good for the industry. That incident also hurt Dil Raju’s credibility in the industry.

Now Dil Raju’s panel won the majority of positions in the TFPC elections conducted yesterday. Due to this victory, all those who questioned Dil Raju’s credibility have been silenced.

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After his panel’s win, Dil Raju spoke to the media. He thanked all producers who supported him as his team won 470 votes out of 675 votes. He added that despite all the controversies that hit him recently, the elections have proven that most of the producers, small and big, trust and respect him.

Producer Council’s C Kalyan had also criticized Dil Raju heavily. With this victory, all the criticisms and voices questioning Dil Raju’s credibility have been erased.

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