Tollywood 'Megastar' Fight Getting Ridiculous!The fight for the Megastar tag has been a hot topic of discussion among Telugu moviegoers on social media. A couple of days back, comparing Bimbisara collections with Acharya revenues, Nandamuri fans trended #MegastarKalyanRam on Twitter.

Now, the Megastar tag is again in the news, and this time the cat fight is within the Mega family itself. Allu Arjun fans since yesterday, after his Foundation post about Allu Ramalingaiah, started trending #MegastarAlluArjun and claiming Allu Arjun as the real Megastar in the Mega family.

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A couple of years back, even Prabhas fans trended #MegastarPrabhas on social media post-Bahhubali.

But the fun fact is that the original Megastar Chiranjeevi himself is struggling with flops like Acharya. His film Sye Raa also couldn’t create any magic and failed to break even in many areas. His upcoming films like Godfather and Bholaa Shankar are also quite low on buzz.

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While some fans continue to fight for the Megastar title, the normal cinephiles are fed up with this ridiculous ‘Megastar’ fad on social media.