The Telugu cinema and politics in state have been going hand in hand for a long time now. Be it movie celebrities who want to make it big in politics after getting their fame in film biz or politicians who invest huge money in film industry by making big budget films to convert their black money to white, they always keep the connection strong between politics and film biz.

This heated election season in state, all the major parties have been shelling out big bucks to make political ads. Most of these ad projects involve movie directors and songs penned by popular film lyricist like Chandrabose, Anantha Sreeram who all charge a fancy price.

It is estimated that these ad makers from Tollywood would make roughly 50+ crores on the various ads they have worked on in the season. Sources say that there is a dedicated team of at least 20+ people working for each party on creative ads to attract its voters. Politicians, who commissioned these ads are only concerned about its quality, but they are least bothered about the fancy sum they are being charged.