Tollywood Makers Ignores Piracy But Worried about Amazon PrimeEarlier, filmmakers used to beg at the press meets and various promotional events not to encourage piracy and to curb it for it is eating the major earnings of the film. But as we reported earlier, digital media platforms, mainly the Amazon Prime has become a bigger threat to them than piracy.

Especially for the small films like Brochevarevarura, it takes time to get the talk and to people come to watch the film at the theaters. But the Amazon Prime is having these films cast within 4 to 6 weeks of the release and many are just waiting for the film to come on Prime to watch at home unlike they do for the biggies films. That is what many actors and filmmakers are pointing and pleading the audience not to wait but go to theaters to watch the film.

The small film Brochevarevarura is making the audience laugh out loud and get out of their chairs clapping for the comedy and opened to positive talk but the only fear is Prime now. Hero Sree Vishnu also has requested the audience to walk to theaters to have that theater experience which is the right way to enjoy a cinema but not to wait and watch at home with several distractions. This slogan of the film people has become a trend now, “watch at theaters, not on Prime”.