Tollywood June Report: Two Hits & Many MissesJune has come and gone, but the dry spell at the Tollywood box office continues. Except for two hits remaining, all films bit the dust leaving the distributors and makers in red.

Adivi Sesh’s Major turned out to be a HIT due to good word of mouth. The film scored very well during the first weekend, where it almost touched the break-even mark. But to be honest, the film couldn’t make much of a mark and underperformed after the initial euphoria died down. But due to its medium budget and costs, the film turned out to be a profit-making venture for everyone concerned.

Kamal Haasan’s Vikram was the unexpected bazooka at the box office. No one expected the film would do so well, and even after three weeks, the film is still minting money. The film turned out to be a blockbuster in Telugu, and everyone reaped great profits.

Other than these two, all other films tanked at the box office. The biggest disappointments were Ante Sundaraniki and Virata Parvam. Ante Sundaraniki, despite decent content, couldn’t bring in the audience. The trade was shocked that the film couldn’t perform beyond the first weekend despite good comedy and emotions. The audience feedback was also good, but it is being said that many preferred to wait and watch it on OTT later than going to cinemas to watch this romantic comedy.

Virata Parvam was a complete disaster as the audience didn’t show minimum interest in this Naxalite love drama. The film had a stellar star cast like Rana, Sai Pallavi, and Priyamani. The serious and dark tone of the film was cited as the film’s main drawback. The film was promoted heavily and was expected to ride on Sai Pallavi’s popularity. But the audience just didn’t turn up.

Films like 777 Charlie, Godse, Konda, Chor Bazaar, 7 Days 6 Nights, Sammathame, and others only added to the tally of flops.