GODSE - ISHQReports are emerging that Andhra Pradesh Government is planning to reimpose Lockdown in East Godavari in the wake of apprehensions about a possible third wave and Delta Variant cases increasing. In such a case, a curfew will be imposed from 12 PM daily.

If this is the case, the hopes of Telugu film industry of a possible re-opening from 30th of this month will be reduced to ashes. East Godavari is a big market for the filmmakers and can not be ignored. Even if the small films dare, the biggies will not take such a risk.

Slowly, the hopes of the biggies releasing this year are diminishing. A third wave if happens, it is impossible. That means more films will opt for Direct-to-OTT release and this time nothing can stop the filmmakers. If this happens, it will be the biggest crisis for the industry.

The makers of Satyadev’s Godse and Teja Sajja’s Ishq announced for July 30th will be utterly confused at these developments.