Tollywood-HeroineShe is one of the well-known actresses in Telugu cinema and she carries a homely girl image. She is comparatively a good performer as well. But she is throwing tantrums on sets and giving the producers of her ongoing film a hard time.

The actress is doing a period film now and she is having to undergo elaborate make-up procedure for the same.

Doing a period film is a demanding job and there’s no denying it. But the said actress is giving a big headache to the producers by not attending the shoots promptly.

She will mostly come really late to the sets. More often than not, she will one petty reason or the other and bunk the shoot.

Being a period film, the producers are losing big money everyday the shoot gets cancelled or delayed. All this is because of the actress’s unprofessional attitude.

The hero and the producer are vexed with the heroine’s unprofessionalism. They are passing the word to other producers as well, saying the actress is incurring losses to the producers.

Incidentally, another big film that the actress is a part of is also facing a similar situation. She is arriving late on sets for this film as well.

There is also an inside talk that producers are looking to soft block the actress by not giving her any offers in Telugu. The actress should understand the gravity of the situation and mend her ways if she is to continue to work here.