Tollywood Heroine Gets 40 Lakhs For Casino Promotion?The Hyderabad casino gang case is all over the news channels these days. The Enforcement Directorate is cracking down on tour operators who engage politicians and celebs in foreign casinos, violating Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) rules.

According to reports, Madhava Reddy and Chikoti Praveen run casinos in Goa and also take celebrities to casinos in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Nepa. In addition, special trips were organized for the rich in the country.

ED found that around 10 Tollywood celebs went to a casino in Nepal. The reports reveal that they are taking their gambling money abroad. The money won there is also being smuggled into India.

According to the NTV news report, Praveen has recently focused more on Nepal and engaged Ameesha Patel, Esha Rebba, Mumait Khan, and Dimple Hayati to promote the Casino in June.

The promoters charged Rs. 3 lakh per head, which includes flight charges, hotel stay, food, drinks, and entertainment.

The sources reveal that Eesha Rebba has earned Rs. 40 Lakhs for the casino promotion till now.

ED has collected key evidence that Praveen is in touch with many Tollywood actresses. Chikoti Praveen claims that the Casino is not illegal in Goa or Nepal. But ED says money is being transferred through hawala channels.

More shocking revelations are expected in the coming days.