Tollywood cheating producerFilm production is a tricky business. The costs often hit the roof and many producers struggle to kee up with the same. A young and new producer from Singapore is learning it the hard way.

Going into the story, the said producer who is from Singapore materialised a project with his friend as the face of the project. He entrusted his friend with the responsibility of producing the film.

Things went haywire after the production began. The film, which was originally planned to be shot in a budget of Rs 12 crores ended up costing over Rs 20 crores after just 60-70% of the shoot.

After realising that the finances are a mess, the producer immediately landed in Hyderabad with the intention of completing the remaining shoot at the earliest and keep a cap on the production costs.

But sadly for the new producer, completing the rest of the shoot ~ 30% is a fiscally super big challenge. Arranging the funds for the same is going to be a monstrous challenge for him.