Tollywood Four Pillars Too Old To Carry Industry's ResponsibilityTollywood is on the national map with our directors and heroes making a solid cross-over and becoming these huge pan-India stars in the last year or so.

But back home, things are in a mess. Thanks to the ticket price issue in AP, none of the senior stars are ready to take any responsibility. That is the reason, a person like Ram Gopal Varma has taken things into his hands.

But why is everyone silent? Are they fearing YS Jagan? this has become a hot topic. A senior star like Chiranjeevi who was heading things head-on as the industry head during Covid time asks not to call him Industry pedda.

Venkatesh is not even bothered and is in a mood “Naku Asalu Em Sambandham ledu”. Nagarjuna cleverly ditches all topics and says ticket rates are not affecting his project one bit.

Last but not the least, Balayya Babu says, no one is even involving him in such meetings. With such an attitude, the so-called pillars of Telugu cinema are not taking any responsibility.

Looking at such a situation, comments are going viral that all the meetings that star heroes had with YS Jagan were only for their personal interest and not for the industry.