Tollywood forgets Kajal Aggarwal’s talent

None can forget Kajal Aggarwal’s comedy in movie Badshah in which she connects ball with philosophy. Her comic scenes with NTR helped a lot to the movie to attract family audience. Now she is doing a full length comedy role in a Tamil film called All Azhaguraja along with hero Karthi.

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Director and screenwriter of the movie Rajesh observed her talent and had given an important role instead of confining her to songs and glamorous scenes. Now she is in jubilant mood with the offer while telling about the importance of the character.

“I am doing a role of a sweet girl called Chitra Devi Priya. She is always confused and a a little arrogant, but she’s a sweetheart nonetheless. She believes she’s God’s gift to mankind and that she’s an unmatchable artist. I used to die laughing because of the situational comedy.”

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Kajal has already proved her talent with unbeatable action in Maghadheera movie. She perfectly suits for either serious or comedy roles. Her fans say Tollywood might have forgotten her talent but Bollywood and Kollywood welcoming Kajal with good offers.

Film circles say Telugu heroes and directors are not selecting her as she reportedly enhanced remuneration. Is that the real reason or any other motive behind this? The question may be answered in the days to come.

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