Sammathame-7days6nights-Chor-BazaarToday close to half a dozen films were released at the box office in Telugu. Among the list, three films like Sammathame, Chor Bazaar, and 7 Days 6 Nights have been promoted decently by the makers.

But surprisingly(?), none of the above films managed to mint even notable revenues on opening day. The word-of-mouth for these films also was not favorable.

As per the trade reports, all the films failed miserably to attract an audience. The footfalls for all films are dull and even nill in a few centers. The shows were getting canceled due to no audience.

On social media, there is a talk that COVID has spelled doom for the small and mid-range films. Unless blockbuster talk, no film is going to survive at the box office.

As we mentioned in our previous article, the ticket prices (reduced but still high) are also turning out to be a major disadvantage for these films. Overall, today marks yet another disastrous Friday for Tollywood.