Tollywood Directors

If the history of Telugu film industry is analysed, it can be seen that when a particular hero and director combination is deemed successful, it is believed to be a hit formula and is there repeated multiple times. In a newly emerging trend, directors who are successful with one actor are moving on to make other movies with another actor of the same family. Some recent examples of this trend are Trivikarm Srinivas’ teaming up with Pawan Kalyan, uncle of Allu Arjun, with whom he worked in Julayi, and Puri Jagannath after the success of Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu with Pawan going after his nephew Allu Arjun in Iddarammayilatho.

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Director Veeru Potla refutes the phenomenon saying that, “it’s just a matter of coincidence, it is pure happenstance that I’m working with a hero from the same family again. A lot of things need to fall in place for a movie to take off. Starting from a good script, actor’s dates, technicians — a lot of factors must come together. Also, when a film is successful, it perhaps encourages a producer to see if the same magic can be repeated with another hero from the same family.