Bygone are the days where Internet is the last frontier to concentrate for people of Telugu industry. Hundreds of websites cropped like mushrooms in the last 4-5 years which dragged their concentration of the film makers to market their movies in web world. The advent of Twitter had further eased their way and many star heroes and directors registered an account to stay in touch with fans and film enthusiasts. While some have survived successfully, stars like NTR, Ram Charan could not stay longer.

Recently, Vamsi Paidipalli had suffered a lot due to a miscreant creating a fake pages of Vamsi on Twitter and FB and misusing them. He finally came to an opinion that it is better to maintain an official pages on social networking sites to avoid misuse. Puri Jagannath is currently maintaining a special team for managing his official website and social networking sites too. Taking a cue from him Director Vinayak too launched his own website on Tuesday.