It seems that Tollywood is heading for a big change with regards to its comic relief sequences. Previously, the comic star of the film used to be a big shot comedian, however, recent small budget movies that have proved successful at the box office has shown that the position of the comic star is shifting from the comedian to the script. Examples of this phenomenon can be seen in recent films like Ishq, Eega and Swamy Ra Ra, Prema Katha Chitram among others.

In this direction, actor Harshavardhan, who was part of the creative team that worked on the script of Ishq along with being the writer of Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde believes that the success of each and every film depends no on the actor but the script. He feels that when the director opt for a new and fresh cast as compared to the used up old routines of star comedians, it adds a fresh feel to the scenes of the film.