Tollywood-post-bifurcationIt has been said that Telangana and AP seem to be facing a threat from some European countries in giving incentives to the film industries following the bifurcation. Shifting to Vizag from Hyderabad will not be an issue. While already most of the Telugu films prefer going to foreign countries for incentives that are given in order to promote tourism, they will have a lesser chance to survive if these foreign countries reimburse almost 40% of the shooting expenses.

According to a source, the film industries will flourish wherever the business incentives are better. Nowadays, even the titles are chosen so as to flatter the audiences. Taking the film ‘Venkatadri Express’, directed by Merlapaka Gandhi and produced by Gemini Kiran, into consideration, Hyderabad need not to be the centre for movies anymore, ‘Bheemavaram Bullodu’ is an other example. Suresh Babu said they have made conscious decision about the title. So for now we can safely assume it’s only the perks that film makers care about whether it’s now or post bifurcation.